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With less than a week left here in the AFL, I believe I can say that the dog days are here. It is definitely the same feeling you have at the end of a long minor league season. Everyone’s body is getting tired, but at the same time, you have to finish strong.
Last Saturday, I participated in the Rising Stars game and had a great time. I met a lot of guys and made a lot of friendships that will last throughout my career.
Nothing has really changed here except for the cold weather. I finally had to start wearing sleeves so that should tell you something. I also need some advice on some very good pranks to pull. I have a good friend on my team here in the AFL, Joe Mahoney, and he seems to be the best “pranksman” as he likes to call himself. Each and every day he pulls some kind of small prank on someone. However, yesterday when I got to the field I sensed something. I started to get ready for BP and looked down to put my shoes on and what did I find? He just decided to take the shoe laces out of every single shoe in my locker. Yeah, a small little prank, but just enough to start a war. So, when he went out to BP, I stayed behind for a couple of minutes. I took his jeans that he wore to the field as well as his shirt and soaked them in water and put them in the freezer. He never realized his clothes were missing until after the game, so they had a good 5 or so hours to freeze!! Needless to say they were hard as a rock when I gave them to him after the game. All he said to me was “see you tomorrow Brian”, so I expect something pretty harsh today when I get to the field. I will definitely keep you guys posted with what all happens! We play our last night game tonight and I believe it will be televised on MLB network if any of you are bored and would like to watch!
Also, today is veterans day and I would like to say thank you to all of those who are serving or who have served in the past. We should all be thankful for everything in life including the freedom in which they provide. God Bless all of you!
I will post again next week but am always here for your questions via the comments at the bottom of this. Take care.

-Brian Dozier

World Series time!

I just finished cooking a little chicken spaghetti and now watching the first game of the World Series and typing on here in-between innings. The only thing that annoys me on a night like this is that right beside our TV in our den is another TV strictly for playing video games only, and it turns out that my roommates play Halo from the time they get in from our day game to the time they go to bed. So, they are yelling into the screen as loud as they can because they missed a shot or who knows what. I don’t get it. Therefore, I’m not watching and listening to the game…just watching. Enough talk about my loco roommates aka Dakota Watts and Chris Herrmann. I had a great weekend. My parents, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit for a few days. Sunday on our day off, me and my brother played some golf out at TPC in Scottsdale. It was a pretty tough course with all the desert surrounding the fairways and greens. We were tied going in to the last two holes, and let’s just say after 17 I walked back to the cart with mud in my shoes and stickers still attached to my legs. Yeah…I choked. I finished with a 82 and he shot a 79.

The Solar Sox are doing a little better. We won a few games over the weekend and are starting to turn things around. I believe the weather is starting to change a little as well (I think). Other than that, everything seems to be going good. Halloween is around the corner! I’m in the process of choosing a costume and I need to go buy a pumpkin and do a little carving. Well, I gotta go finish watching (not also listening because…you guessed it…they are still playing. Unreal. Take care!

— Brian Dozier

Hot like an oven

Arizona has been awesome so far. We started games last week and while our team has started out rather slow in the win column, we have managed to still have a lot of fun. The weather is starting to change out here (which is great). The first week was so hot but a different hot than what I am used to. In Mississippi, when you walk outside during the summer and now, you better have an extra towel or possibly an undershirt for the amount of sweat you are about to have due to the humidity. It’s like an oven here. At night you hardly even sweat and I love it. Two weekends ago me and a few of the guys went to the Arizona St. football game and had a great time except for the fact that I was sitting in the bleacher section and It felt like 40 people were squished into a 25 person row. Oh well I guess that’s the fun of it. This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my friend Michael Harrington’s wedding in Charleston SC. We had a great time. I flew back Sunday night, pounded some sushi, checked my losing fantasy football team and fell asleep on the couch. As far as baseball goes, everything is going great. We have a night game tonight so it was great to sleep in a little. There are so many great players out here. I have faced some very good pitching so far and it seems like it’s going to be like that each and every game. We are just having a lot of fun. A lot of you have asked me who I am pulling for in the playoffs and as much as I would like to say the Brewers, I have to go with the Texas Rangers. Mitch Moreland, first baseman for Texas, is a good friend of mine so anytime you have a friend doing well and making a run at the World Series, I’ve gotta support him. Other than that keep posting any questions that you might have and I will answer them. I will start posting a little more often! Take care.

— Brian Dozier

First Arizona blog

Well hello to all. First things first.. I only have my iPad out here so it can become difficult at times trying to type on this thing. Therefore I apologize in advance for any misspellings or predictive texts that just doesn’t make sense (just making sure I have an excuse ha). My name is Brian Dozier and I am very excited about the next 7 weeks participating in the Arizona Fall League. I believe it’s a great opportunity to play against the best of the best in my profession and to make a lot of friends that are future big leaguers. For a little background info, I am from a small town in Mississippi.. Pop. 3,800 people. Like I said, small! I have one brother, Clay, and one sister Leigh Anne (the real athlete in the fam ha). I went to Southern Miss for 4 years and was actually fortunate enough to play in the college world series my senior year. Good times. This past year was my second full season in the Twins farm system. I finished the year playing AA in New Britain. Today was our first practice out here.. Very laid back. I will be blogging a lot over the next 7 weeks not only about baseball but the inside scoop of everything going on out here. I would love to hear from you guys. If y’all ever have any questions about ANYTHING, (except politics cause I might get in trouble ha) ask me! Well I gotta go! I would be nice and tell you that I don’t have anything else to say for my first blog, but to be honest with you I am just craving Taco Bell and this typing is making my stomach growl even more! Feel free to comment or ask any questions! I’m out! Peace!

-Brian Dozier