Hot like an oven

Arizona has been awesome so far. We started games last week and while our team has started out rather slow in the win column, we have managed to still have a lot of fun. The weather is starting to change out here (which is great). The first week was so hot but a different hot than what I am used to. In Mississippi, when you walk outside during the summer and now, you better have an extra towel or possibly an undershirt for the amount of sweat you are about to have due to the humidity. It’s like an oven here. At night you hardly even sweat and I love it. Two weekends ago me and a few of the guys went to the Arizona St. football game and had a great time except for the fact that I was sitting in the bleacher section and It felt like 40 people were squished into a 25 person row. Oh well I guess that’s the fun of it. This weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my friend Michael Harrington’s wedding in Charleston SC. We had a great time. I flew back Sunday night, pounded some sushi, checked my losing fantasy football team and fell asleep on the couch. As far as baseball goes, everything is going great. We have a night game tonight so it was great to sleep in a little. There are so many great players out here. I have faced some very good pitching so far and it seems like it’s going to be like that each and every game. We are just having a lot of fun. A lot of you have asked me who I am pulling for in the playoffs and as much as I would like to say the Brewers, I have to go with the Texas Rangers. Mitch Moreland, first baseman for Texas, is a good friend of mine so anytime you have a friend doing well and making a run at the World Series, I’ve gotta support him. Other than that keep posting any questions that you might have and I will answer them. I will start posting a little more often! Take care.

— Brian Dozier


  1. bigleaguebeats

    Thanks for the update, and glad the weather is cooperating for you. Have been seeing some of your numbers and it looks like you’re off to a stellar start! Curious as to what music you like (listening and walk up)? Keep up the good work sir.

    P.S. Check out my blog! It’s all about music and has playlists, new tunes, etc. I also have done playlists of walk-up music for the Twins that I’ll be posting within the week!

    • Brian Dozier

      I would love to check it out. I actually play the guitar and the piano. I was in a band in the offseason of my senior year of college called Silky Smooth! Just a fun time. I am blues/blues rock kind of guy but love country as well. I really love all kinds of music. Send me a link to your blog and I’ll check it out.

  2. Cheryl Veverka

    I am very sure that you guys will do well this year in the Fall League, your just off to a slow start. More importantly is that you enjoy and relish this additional experience. We as fans love to come over to the games and talk to you, and maybe get a few cards and other memorabilia signed by you. The weather may cool down in the evening for you, it is a nice change over the hot temperatures during the day.

  3. baseball fan

    I’m going to the games next week! Can’t wait! I’m always wondering when is a good time to ask for autographs from both visiting team players and home team players. I don’t wanna bother you guys as you concentrate on the game. Is it OK to ask before/after the game?

  4. Gary Batboy

    i knw this was a bad day for you the day u got hit was really hot ….but yes i knw Arizona is way hotter..
    hit me up on twitter when u can
    yes gatorade gary lol

    thanks doz
    congrats on twins minor league player of the year

  5. kimlong

    BD, so proud of you. I just received a text from Big Daddy telling me that you were Twins minor league player of the year. That is great! Again, we are proud of you. Keep up the good work.

    Kim Long

  6. jayelpe

    Brian! Congrats on Minor League Player of the Year! : ) I am so jealous of you – I LOVE that AZ dry heat. Lot of family out there, so we’ve visited many times. Caught a Fall League game a few years ago too. Wish we could make a trip out there this fall, but it’s not happening. Tell all of the other former and current Miracle boys (and Mintzy too) that we said ‘hi’. I wanted to mail you guys some bubble gum, but Brady wouldn’t let me. See you in the spring!

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