With less than a week left here in the AFL, I believe I can say that the dog days are here. It is definitely the same feeling you have at the end of a long minor league season. Everyone’s body is getting tired, but at the same time, you have to finish strong.
Last Saturday, I participated in the Rising Stars game and had a great time. I met a lot of guys and made a lot of friendships that will last throughout my career.
Nothing has really changed here except for the cold weather. I finally had to start wearing sleeves so that should tell you something. I also need some advice on some very good pranks to pull. I have a good friend on my team here in the AFL, Joe Mahoney, and he seems to be the best “pranksman” as he likes to call himself. Each and every day he pulls some kind of small prank on someone. However, yesterday when I got to the field I sensed something. I started to get ready for BP and looked down to put my shoes on and what did I find? He just decided to take the shoe laces out of every single shoe in my locker. Yeah, a small little prank, but just enough to start a war. So, when he went out to BP, I stayed behind for a couple of minutes. I took his jeans that he wore to the field as well as his shirt and soaked them in water and put them in the freezer. He never realized his clothes were missing until after the game, so they had a good 5 or so hours to freeze!! Needless to say they were hard as a rock when I gave them to him after the game. All he said to me was “see you tomorrow Brian”, so I expect something pretty harsh today when I get to the field. I will definitely keep you guys posted with what all happens! We play our last night game tonight and I believe it will be televised on MLB network if any of you are bored and would like to watch!
Also, today is veterans day and I would like to say thank you to all of those who are serving or who have served in the past. We should all be thankful for everything in life including the freedom in which they provide. God Bless all of you!
I will post again next week but am always here for your questions via the comments at the bottom of this. Take care.

-Brian Dozier


  1. Steven B.

    Awesome post! Very entertaining! I watched the Rising Stars game last weekend on mlb network and even though it was a blow out, it was still fun to watch… And i’ll try to watch your game tonight. As for pranks…i got nothing

  2. The Cookie Lady

    Glad you have had a good season Brian……You will probably be in Rochester but if you are with New Britain I will see you when you come to Portland. We lost Tom to Rochester so he will be the hitting coach there next season, he is such a great guy but Jeff and Stu should still be with NB Hope to see you then

  3. Walter

    Thanks Brian for taking the time to write. Also be glad for the team you were assigned. Just think you could be playing on Scottsdale! Now that would be dog days!

    Best of luck tonight and in your career…

  4. jayelpe

    Glad you’re having fun, Brian! Keep ‘doin work’ and have a safe trip home. Watch it with that prank stuff before it gets ugly or somebody gets into trouble (that’s my official Mom opinion!). ; )

  5. Jeff

    I played ice hockey growing up and one of the better pranks we did to a teammate was mess with his clothes. It was pretty easy though, because he pretty much wore the same thing everytime… dickies pants and a solid color shirt with a pocket. When the combo was right with what we had, we waited til he left, and took his clothes and replaced them with some we modified that happened to have the legs cut off the pants and turned into daisy dukes and the shirt turned into an ’80’s glam rock sleeveless shirt with the vents in the ribcage.. he was pretty mad until we gave him his real clothes…

    enjoy reading these blogs you guys are putting on here and have enjoyed bringing my little guys out to see you all play. Best of Luck!

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