Injury Bug

Hey guys,

Quick update on how things are wrapping up in the AFL. Our team has had some bad luck with staying healthy this season. We have lost quite a few players due to injury, which has forced us to start playing some 7 inning games to prevent from overworking our remaining healthy pitchers. When a game is rained out during the minor league season, it is usually made up by playing two 7 inning games the following day, but we never play just one 7 inning game. These single 7 inning games definitely bring back memories from high school when that was all we played.

Seeing all of our injuries this season has really put it into perspective how fortunate I have been to stay healthy this season. Definitely something I am proud of and feel very fortunate to have been able to play as much as I have. Given the amount of injuries we have had, I think the team has really played some good baseball since my last post. We have continued to play hard and were able to pull out some tough games…it’s nice to see us finishing on a positive note. It is definitely easier to keep playing hard and competing hard when you are surrounded by an awesome group of guys. This team is a great group of people to be around, which makes coming to the field a lot of fun.

Personally my time in the fall league has been extremely productive. Im my previous posts, I alluded to some mechanical things I have worked on in my swing that are definitely starting to click. Really glad I had these extra games to get live reps and just become a better player. We only have four games left this season and things have definitely gone fast, but I could not be happier with this experience. I will probably posting at least one more time to give you guys my final thoughts on the AFL, but in the meantime if anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!

Thanks for your time,

–Alex Hassan


  1. Steve

    Do you think these injuries are a direct result of the extended season you guys are playing, being that you’re on your 150-170th game or are they just typical bad luck baseball injuries? Either way do you credit your health to your strength and conditioning and/or any special steps you take to keep your body in tip-top shape?

    Swing seems to be coming around nicely as you mentioned…stats are looking good lately, keep up the great work and finish strong.

    Side note- Do you think JoePa being fired was the right move by Penn State?

    • Alex Hassan

      Part of it is working hard and doing injury prevention stuff and then a big part of it is just being lucky! Most of our injuries were just bad luck injuries, thank God have not had any out here!

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