So this is baseball…

 Hey, Everybody!

             Tyson Gillies with the Phillies here to talk a little bit about life in the AFL! Its neared two years since I’ve felt what it’s like to be a part of a team again. I have spent the last couple seasons battling injuries and just trying to make it back to this game we love.  My hamstring went out in May of 2010 in Reading Pa. It wasn’t till almost a year later when I had found that it wasn’t my hamstring causing the problem at all. The functioning of my hip and groin seemed to be non-existing and was just making my hamstring compensate so much for the both of them. Finally getting all that taken care of and many hour of rehab I was ready to get back on the field better than ever! It was only my second game back when I was beating out an infield single and I stepped right on top of the first basemen’s foot. I spent two weeks playing on the injured foot before finding out I had a very deep bone bruise and ligament damage…Playing through the pain of the foot was fine. It was the foot that was causing my other hamstring to become very sore. I had been putting so much pressure on that leg all the time and it couldn’t hold it anymore. I told myself I would be smart this time and I knew how hard it was to come back from a hamstring injury.

        I am just so relieved and happy to be back on the field again. I truly missed being a part of something special. People who know me know I just love to run around all over the place. There is no worse feeling then feeling restricted of doing the things you love in this world. So I’m back in the habit and going fast again like Ricky Bobby! I am hoping to show some people that I can still play a little bit. The main goal for me here is to let everyone know that I’m healthy and ready to move on with my career.

All and all it has been a great time down here and the guys on the team have been awesome. It’s always good to meet new people and learn from them. We all have so much fun together already. We go by #scorpnation and some may even call me the Scorpion King! hahaa…I have been teaching these guys the way of life….and what it’s like to become men. haha!

This has been a Tyson Gillies Blogging experience…until next time



  1. Rock Cats batboy Gary

    hey tyson
    its the batboy from new britain. i talk to u 2010 when u guys came here
    hope all is goin well. and to see you next year

    hope to hear from u

    thanks gills

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