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And we’re Rafting!!!

I sincerely apologize for the little vacation I went on over the last 25 games, buut here I am, to tell you all about the last 30 days.

On the Baseball frontier, we have far exceeded expectations of I think just about every one of our critics. We may not be the most heavily prospect laden ball club in the league, but every one of our guys, 1-9 hitters any day of the week, gives us a tremendous chance to win the game.

Tablesetters Adam Eaton(D-Backs) and Jay Austin(Astros), hard hitting Nolan Arenado (Rockies), Tim and Ryan Wheeler of the Rockies and D-Backs respectivelly, and Kody Hinze (Astros) have made all of our games, whether we are down and out or tied going into the late innings, never feel like they are out of reach. Jason Castro(Astros, Griff Erickson(Dodgers, and Rob Brantly (Tigers) have been tremendous behind the plate, and at the plate as well.

We may be somewhat juvenile, however, everytime we score, the whole dugout rallies together and goes “rafting.” I’d explain it here, but it is way more fun if you come out to our games and watch us “raft” as a team. We have gone 15-8 because of a cohesiveness that I didnt think was possible only after one month of knowing each other. Going to the field every day has been a real blessing, and I’m thankful for every day we have out here.

And of course I cant Forget the Pitchers! Starting pitchers Joe Gardner (Rockies), Chuck Brewer (D-Backs), Stephen Fife (Dodgers), Dallas Keuchel (Astros), and Andy Oliver (tigers) are going out there every 5-6 days (depending on when our off days lie), and keeping the other teams at bay while our offense has time enough to score some runs. Our bullpen has been really good so far as well. I personally have struggled the most out of everyone in the pen, but fortunately our offense, defense, and other arms in our pen have been able to help me pull through this.

I have made 9 appearances in the first 25 games. In my first and third outings I gave up a total of 5 runs, but I’ve mixed in 7 outings and only given up 2 more runs. Ive gone back to the basics, trying to throw strikes, with all my pitches, and not being afraid of failure: Baseball isnt everything, but it’s what I love to do.

Every hitter we face is unbelievable. But what I didnt rememeber was is that every hitter, even the best of the best, still get out 7 out of every 10 at bats. Those are some pretty good odds for me if I just let them hit the ball. What I got away from early this fall, is that I was fortunate enough to get invited here, so I must be capable enough to have success here.

Hope you are all having a fantastic Halloween Weekend(since when did it become a full week of parties and craziness??)

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It’s all about the journey!

Welcome back! Same Face, Different Place

What’s up everyone!

It’s me again, Josh Zeid, formally of the Philadelphia Philly clan, now of the Houston Astro brotherhood. Twelve months ago I gave you a rundown of who I was and where I came from and you can find that at my old blog “phinally phocused,” however that does not apply anymore. I am still focused but without the “ph’s.”

On July 29-30th (sometime around midnight I, along with three other Phillies minor leaguers were traded to the Astros for Hunter Pence. Most shocking moment in my life to this day. I loved every minute i had with the Phillies, and enjoyed meeting a ton of new people, but I am now thrilled to be a member of the Houston Astros system, and can’t wait to be a part of a growing and winning organization.

I am now out here in Scottsdale, after a year in which I struggled mightilly trying to find my niche both in the rotation and bullpen: but I am excited to pitch exclusively out of the pen and make the most of my second chance out here.

I feel extremely fortunate to be playing with the brand new Salt River Rafters. I want to thank the the Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks for opening up their facilities to us and letting us use their Major League facilities. It is a state of the art facility with a movie theater, a gigantic weight room, and a clubhouse with 8 leather couches and 6+ flat screens ranging from 47- 60+ inches. We are extremely spoiled in there but it makes bonding with brand new teammates much easier.

We will be heading on the road to Peoria tomorrow for our first game at 12:35. I will either pitch the last inning tomorrow or Wednesday but either way, I’ll be out their rooting on every single one of my teammates.

Good luck to everyone still playing! Have fun out there! And let’s win some games.

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