All the AFL news that’s fit to print

Welcome to the best Arizona Fall League blog around.

Why is the best, you ask? That’s easy. This is where the players themselves will blog about their experiences in the AFL. We will have a host of players regularly posting what it’s like for them throughout the course of the 2011 AFL season.

We had to step it up a notch, it being the 20th year of the Fall League and all.

So check back here often to read the latest from those experiencing the AFL first-hand.


  1. Cheryl

    Hi. First of all let me say congratulations to the D-backs for their Division win this year. But, and there’s always a but, isn’t there? Anyway, I grew up in Trenton, NJ so I have been a die-hard Phillies Phan since…well, let’s just say I know who Richie Ashburn is and I’ve seen him play. I’ll make sure I keep up with this site.


  2. Cheryl Veverka

    First off I would like to say to everyone. Let’s have a great Arizona Fall League season and of course to you players who are here in Arizona, good luck and have a good time here.

  3. Jeff

    I cannot wait to go to some games this weekend! Been working out of town and missing the AFL! This is my favorite baseball time of the year in AZ!

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