First Arizona blog

Well hello to all. First things first.. I only have my iPad out here so it can become difficult at times trying to type on this thing. Therefore I apologize in advance for any misspellings or predictive texts that just doesn’t make sense (just making sure I have an excuse ha). My name is Brian Dozier and I am very excited about the next 7 weeks participating in the Arizona Fall League. I believe it’s a great opportunity to play against the best of the best in my profession and to make a lot of friends that are future big leaguers. For a little background info, I am from a small town in Mississippi.. Pop. 3,800 people. Like I said, small! I have one brother, Clay, and one sister Leigh Anne (the real athlete in the fam ha). I went to Southern Miss for 4 years and was actually fortunate enough to play in the college world series my senior year. Good times. This past year was my second full season in the Twins farm system. I finished the year playing AA in New Britain. Today was our first practice out here.. Very laid back. I will be blogging a lot over the next 7 weeks not only about baseball but the inside scoop of everything going on out here. I would love to hear from you guys. If y’all ever have any questions about ANYTHING, (except politics cause I might get in trouble ha) ask me! Well I gotta go! I would be nice and tell you that I don’t have anything else to say for my first blog, but to be honest with you I am just craving Taco Bell and this typing is making my stomach growl even more! Feel free to comment or ask any questions! I’m out! Peace!

-Brian Dozier


  1. EMS

    Thanks, Brian. This will be fun to follow. First day with no Twins baseball to follow. Even though the season was awful in so many ways, I was sad when it ended last night.

  2. Jax

    What do u get at Taco Bell? :d can you put a link to your blog on your twitter profile please 🙂 what was it like seeing so many guys being called up this year? I saw some blogs saying you shoulda been one of em! What else do you do besides play ball and eat tacos?! 🙂 looking forward to winter baseball talk – We will be starved for it!! Write often!

    • Brian Dozier

      I’m a big cheesy gordita crunch guy.. Normally a healthy eater but sometimes taco bell is irresistible.. A lot of guys did get called up this year but at the same time they were well deserving of the promotion and happy to see my friends get the opportunity to excel in the bigs.. I love playing golf as well as the guitar and piano.. Music lover.. Blues and country

  3. Kevin C

    Hey Brian, great blog! Wanted to welcome you to the Arizona Fall League! It’s a great league. I’ve been going to Fall League games since 94 and have worked in the league from 99-02.

    I have a few questions for you, Growing up who was your favorite player and why? Also, who is your favorite team?

    Taco Bell does sound good go for the 5 buck box it’s a great deal. Taco Bell had a promotion here the other day (Wednesday) from 4-6pm if the DBacks score 6 or more runs in a game you get 3 free tacos with the purchase of a large drink. Hopefully they will continue the promo into the playoffs so you could score free tacos.

    Other than that, I could give you some recommendations of some cool hang outs in the valley of the sun if you would like. There’s tons of stuff to do here.

    Also, I own a production company so if you ever want to do an interview or shout out let me know. I’m trying to get my company out there.

    Anyway, I am going to your game next Wednesday (Oct 5th).

    – Kevin C

    • Brian Dozier

      That’s great.. Derek Jeter has always been my favorite player.. We all know how great of a player he is but to me it’s the leadership on n off the field.. He is the ss for the Yankees and you never see him do negative things that hinders him from playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played as well as being the leader of his team.. I grew up a braves fan and will always be supportive of them bc I live a few hours from there and used to always go to their games

      • Kevin Cusack

        Yeah it is.. That’s awesome that Derek Jeter has always been your favorite player. Yes he does have great leadership on n off the field I do agree with you on that. Fun fact, Jeter is a Fall League alum he played for the Chandler Diamondbacks back in 1994. I’m a braves fan as well. I used to watch all their games when I lived in FL and NC. Turner Field is one of the coolest ballparks I’ve been to. Great place to watch a game, the tomahawk chop is fun to do, and plus Turner Field has great BBQ food. Oh yeah, there have been lots of great former AFL Alums who play or have played for the Braves. Marcus Giles played for the Solar Sox the same team that you play for.. in 2000 (I was his bat boy when he played in the AFL he was very cool dude).. Thanks for tweeting me back over the weekend on the in n out burger suggestion. What did you think of the double double animal style? Also, there’s another place called habit burger which is supposed to be similar to in n out but has a lot more options than in n out. I’ve never tried habit burger but I’ve heard that they’re better than in n out and I’ve heard that the in n out is way better so who knows.

        I just found out that not only I’ll be at your game on Wednesday but I will also be at your game on Thursday as well.

  4. Mcorsi29

    Hey Brian, big fan of yours. I can’t wait to see you up and playing for my Twins! Look forward to reading about your experiences out there and all the trouble you guys get into 😉 Ciao from Germany

  5. Rick Grayson

    Brian Congratulations! I thinking this is just the next step to the big league. Everyone in Eagle Nation is talking you’ll be there next year for sure, if not before the season is over this year. Good luck!

    • Brian Dozier

      Well thank you and this is another step to the big leagues and I am enjoying every minute of it.. Glad to see a fellow golden eagle leaving a comment on here!! SMTTT!!!

  6. Peter Vencill

    Brian, I am originally from Minneapolis, MN and attended USM a few years back. I’ve been a gigantic MN Twins fan my whole life, and would LOVE to see you move up in the organization someday so I can see you in my hometown as well as at college. I look forward to following this blog to hear what it’s all about going thru this AFL season. Best of luck!

  7. Stephen

    BD; giving this invitation to play in the MLB fall league it sounds like you are making the most of this opportunity! As a Southern Miss fan, thanks for working so hard in college, enjoyed watching you play, and I hope the pro carrier is the payoff. Are the guys you’re playing with in the fall league all AA prospects or are there guys from different farm classes also (A,AA,AAA) playing as well? SM’00

    • Brian Dozier

      Thank you! It definitely a great opportunity and I am having a lot of fun.. Most of the guys out here are AA and AAA guys but we do have a lot from the big leagues as well as A ball.. Great to see another golden eagle posting!! SMTTT

  8. rob

    Good Luck in fall ball. And with typing on the ipad. I found that the wireless keyboard was a huge help! Check ’em out at an Apple store. Looking forward to reading your entries.

  9. Paula Weitz

    Hi Brian I’m the cookie lady from Portland I have known Jeff Smith for about 14 years and Stu for almost that long….It is a great experience to go to the Fall League and you will make a lot of contacts not only with other players but with fans who will follow your career so take advantage of meeting all the people you can…..Just watch you wheels there are a lot of players who lost clothes etc and their cars while playing there Most of the experiences you will have will be very positive so have a good time and we will keep in touch. Say hi to the other guys from New Britain we were hoping to see you in the playoff but it will happen next year. See you in the Spring if you are in New Britain but you will probably be in Rochester

  10. SuperFan

    BullDozier… Very proud of you. SMTTT…

    Never Give Up.
    Never Quit.
    Never Stop Believing In Yourself.

    Always Wating & Praying For You….


  11. Melinda

    Hi Brian, welcome to Arizona! I was raised here in the Phoenix area, but am a huge Twins fans. I was so excited to see that you guys were going to be part of the Mesa Solar Sox this year, seeing as I live in the east valley and can now check out some more games! Best of luck this season!

  12. Becpus

    Big fan dawg, how much weight you throw up on the bench press son? Where has been your favorite road location you’ve traveled to?

  13. Gary batboy

    doz its gary (batboy)
    nice job this was fun.
    please tell me the cheek protector is off,,,is it?

    im jokin …bc remember i asked u how lng u needed to have it on

  14. Rick

    How you doin’ cuz? Your Daddy sent me the link to this blog and I just thought I would send you something to say Hi. I am in Turkey right now, but should be home in a week or so. Hunting season is just around the corner and I hope you will be able to make it back for a couple of hunts. The guys (and your daddy) have been sending me photos of the new camp and it is going to look real good. When you get back we’ll have to have a couple of cookouts down there. Be careful and have a good time.

    Cousin Rick

  15. Natalie Kline

    Hi Brian. Great game yesterday – we were cheering you on. (Just got an iPhone and can’t type very well on it.) Looking forward to following your blog.

  16. Jake

    Hey Brian. I sent you a message earlier this year. My dad went to Southern Miss as well and we have followed your progression through the minor leagues. We watched you frequently when you played for the Big Train. Wishing you the best of luck.


  17. Ali Nerini

    Hi Brian!
    I am currently a senior at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff majoring in Electronic Media and Film and am currently in the process in trying to make a documentary about the Arizona Fall League. I am hoping to have a player profiled in my video and was wondering if there is any chance that I can profile you. I myself am a Twins fan and am very eager to see their future players as they develop through the fall league. I would very much appreciate your time to discuss this further.
    Thank you!

  18. Rgosa

    Hey Brian

    Huge fan. KeeP up the good work. Follow you daily.
    Dont forget: “you can tune a piano, but can’t tuna fish!”

  19. The Cookie Lady

    Brian it;s Paula the cookie lady from Portland Me congrats on your stats today and would you please give Cole my best for his 4 scoreless innings. You both are doing well in the AFL and although I probably won’t be able to congratulate you in person you know you are in my thoughts and prayers even though you are no longer probably going to be with New Britain Again congrats and we are proud of your accomplishments.

  20. SuperFan

    I’m Going Back Down Baby,
    Back Down To The Ballpark,
    I Love BullDozier,
    Playin’ At Shortstop.

    Bull Dozier
    Bull Dozier
    Bull Dozier

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