1st Off Day of the AFL Season

Welcome Back,

I am currently sitting at our trainer’s house in Surprise, Arizona watching the Green Bay Packers take on the Atlanta Falcons. I’m a Detroit Lions fan so this game is irrelevant to me but I’ll be pulling for the Packers because of Charles Woodson (University of Michigan) and Greg Jennings (Western Michigan University). I root for the Michigan boys.

Well, the first week of baseball went smoothly. There were not too many players with injuries (knock on wood). Besides our poor start in the first week, this team looks like it has the makings to be a contender for the championship. There are definitely some characters on this team.  I won’t name drop but we have everything from the silent assassin to the outgoing outspoken guy with some pretty fly dance moves and everyone in between. This group has all the makings for an enjoyable rest of the season.

One of my coaches stood out right away. Our pitching coach Ace Adams is one of the most entertaining people I’ve had the chance to be around. He has a plethora of advice for all the pitchers and at the same time keeps the mood loose. I look forward to picking his brain more and enjoying his off-the-wall humor. The mood in the clubhouse has been great regardless of our record. The team makes sure to be blasting the latest hip-hop/country/rock music on the speakers as soon as the team walks into the clubhouse. Card games are being played while the big MLB postseason games are on all three flat-screen televisions up on the ceiling. We like to keep the atmosphere light. Did I forget to say how spoiled we have been with this amazing weather in Arizona? I can get used to 80 degrees and sunny everyday. Well I’m going to leave it at that. This football game is going to be a good one and I have Aaron Rodgers on my fantasy football team so I need to pay attention to his progress. Thank you all for swinging by and listening to what I have to say. See you at the ballpark!

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-Anthony Bass, pitcher, San Diego Padres


  1. Cheryl Veverka

    That kind of coach gets more out of his players in my way of thinking, than the ones who have to throw temper tantrums among other inanimate items to make their point. Enjoy the remainder of your day. See you you guys soon.

  2. Gary Batboy

    hey ant its the batboy from new britain
    it was nice meetin u this year and talkin to u
    hope all goes well in the AFL and the rest of your offseason

  3. angelina

    good stuff!! looking forward to more posts!! keep pickin the brain. everyday is a learning experience. everyday is a lesson. and everyday you grow. good luck out there…i gotta look up your schedule to go out and watch. its just as far as SD for me..haha. Take Care.

  4. hooksfan

    Anthony, even though I cheer for the team on the Southern end of I-37 I was wondering is there any sightseeing in Scottsdale/Mesa area? I will be there for four days in November and have one free day. The Grand Canyon is out of the question. Would prefer to see that with the family instead of just myself. Do have the say that the Padres had a good year with their minor league affiliates. The Missions were definitely a very strong team and I’m thankful that some of the players took the time to talk with the fans at Whataburger Field.

    • Anthony Bass

      Let’s see… there are plenty of spring training ballparks in the Scottsdale/Mesa area. Especially with the Arizona Fall League in action you can watch some great baseball players for a reasonable price. Thank you, it was a fun year in San Antonio but I am very happy to be playing for the San Diego Padres. Corpus Christi was a great place to play. I enjoyed staying at the hotel off the gulf. Thank you again for following!

      • hooksfan

        Anthony I’m going to see two games at least…since you guys don’t play on Sunday that would be my sightseeing day. Monday is my day I fly back home. The one thing I enjoy about the Minor Leagues is the friendships that you can develop with the players.

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