World Series time!

I just finished cooking a little chicken spaghetti and now watching the first game of the World Series and typing on here in-between innings. The only thing that annoys me on a night like this is that right beside our TV in our den is another TV strictly for playing video games only, and it turns out that my roommates play Halo from the time they get in from our day game to the time they go to bed. So, they are yelling into the screen as loud as they can because they missed a shot or who knows what. I don’t get it. Therefore, I’m not watching and listening to the game…just watching. Enough talk about my loco roommates aka Dakota Watts and Chris Herrmann. I had a great weekend. My parents, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit for a few days. Sunday on our day off, me and my brother played some golf out at TPC in Scottsdale. It was a pretty tough course with all the desert surrounding the fairways and greens. We were tied going in to the last two holes, and let’s just say after 17 I walked back to the cart with mud in my shoes and stickers still attached to my legs. Yeah…I choked. I finished with a 82 and he shot a 79.

The Solar Sox are doing a little better. We won a few games over the weekend and are starting to turn things around. I believe the weather is starting to change a little as well (I think). Other than that, everything seems to be going good. Halloween is around the corner! I’m in the process of choosing a costume and I need to go buy a pumpkin and do a little carving. Well, I gotta go finish watching (not also listening because…you guessed it…they are still playing. Unreal. Take care!

— Brian Dozier


  1. Antone Mistrot

    Hey Brian are there any other Golden Eagles in the AFL? Do you still keep up with your teammates from the CWS team?

    • Brian Dozier

      I am believe I am the lone golden eagle out here in the AFL this year. I still remain in touch with a lot of the guys from college and the 2009 World Series team. I keep in touch with some more than others on a regular basis but always try to get in touch with most of the guys from time to time. During my college days, I made a lot of my best friends I have today. Great group of guys.

  2. Chris Beavers

    Brian, super post. I truely can’t wait for the next. With baseball coming to a close here in the Northeast (PA) i am trying to find everything i can to fill the void in the LONGGGG winter ahead. Hope all is well and good luck in the AFL.

  3. Chris


    Great to see a former USM standout excell at the level you’re at. I’m a huge Golden Eagle fan, and was at the game your senior year when you got injured. I remember hearing the only shot you had at returning that year was if the team made the CWS. I knew it had to happen because I just couldn’t believe your college career could be over. I made the trip out to Rosenblatt to see you guys play, and was so glad to see you come to the plate against Texas. No doubt you are one of the greatest, if not THE greatest shortstops in the history of Golden Eagle baseball. Congrats on your success, and I’m sure your call will come in no time. Until then, keep doing what you’re doing, and us here in Hattiesburg will surely be pullin’ for ya. And, as always, SMTTT!!!

  4. Gatorade Gary batboy

    nice work and keep it goin.
    it ll be fun to watch you on saturday in the AFL allstar game this wkend.
    good luck
    and idk what it is . but like i told you here. your hair changes color each place you go lol it looks that way. from nate GW GS to now. it looks different color lol

    have fun and keep it up
    if you dont mind hit me up on twitter – @gjgatorade
    thanks doz

  5. Ali Nerini

    Hey Brian!
    I commented earlier on your first blog talking about maybe getting an interview with you for a documentary I am filming about the Fall League. I was wondering if sometime next weekend (Nov. 11th or 12th) that we can make this happen? Let me know. If you want more info about this, you can e-mail me at
    Thanks and I hope you have an awesome rest of the season!

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