Hey everyone,

Just giving you guys a quick update on how things are going in the AFL. So far the Scorpions are 7-15, not exactly the record we were hoping for but I definitely feel like we are a better team then our record shows. We have an extremely talented team down here and have played well in all facets of the game at times, just not necessarily all at once. Oh well, all we can do is keep playing hard and working hard, and hopefully things will turn around. We have a lot of guys playing really good baseball and it is pretty fun to see. For me personally, I have spent some time working on my swing, which is something I felt I needed to do, and I’m pretty happy with the strides I have made so far. I definitely think this has been a really good environment to get a lot of work done on the days your not playing, while also getting game reps to get some feedback on your progress. Thats really all I got on the baseball side of things, but if anyone has any questions about anything baseball related in the AFL, please feel free to ask.

One of my friends suggested that I should talk about my top three favorite restaurants in Scottsdale, so I figured I would give that a shot. Going out to dinner is one of my favorite things to do outside the baseball field, so professional baseball was a pretty good fit for me, where most of your meals are not home cooked. My favorite restaurant here so far has been Oreganos. Normally sushi is my favorite type of food to eat when I go out for dinner but out here Oreganos takes the cake. Not necessarily the healthiest choice, so I do not go there all the time but every once in a while it is incredible. My next choice would be Sapporo. They have phenomenal sushi there and most of my friends order hibachi, so I get to watch the chefs mess around on the grill while cooking their food. Finally, my third favorite would be Kona Grill, where I also order sushi. Maybe it is the food, or maybe the awesome mall that Kona Grill is in, but I really enjoy that whole experience as well. If anyone has suggestions on good places to eat, please let me know. Thats all I got for now but please give me some feedback on what you want to hear!


–Alex Hassan


  1. Steve

    You guys definitely have some talent on that roster, so just keep playing hard and the W’s will come. I am also a huge food fanatic, love your choice of topic. I’ve never been to Scottsdale, but now I know where to eat if I’m ever out there.

    Quick question, saw you hit your first home-run the other night, congrats on that. Do you find that the AFL a little challenging for players who have already played an entire season this year because of the fatigue factor? I can’t imagine you would feel very powerful and energized about 140 games.

  2. Alex Hassan

    It has been a long year for sure but this is what I want and love to do so I can’t complain! I’m glad I am able to be out here and work on the things I need to work on, while also gaining more experience against good competition.

  3. Melinda

    Hmmm, some good places to eat in Scottsdale? I really love this place called Sugar Shack on 5th Ave between Goldwater and 68th St. It’s a little bar/grill with the best baked wings ever! I’ve taken some friends there and they all say the same thing. I also like YC’s Mongolian Grill near Salt River Fields. It’s a build-your-own stir-fry restaurant. Really good! I don’t spend whole lot of time in Scottsdale. If you make it out to the Chandler/Gilbert area then I can really hook you up!

    Best of luck with the rest of the season! I hope to make it out to a few more games!


    Oregano’s is awesome! Their stuffed pizzas and pizza cookies are to die for!

  4. Gary RockCats batboy

    hey alex. hope all is goin well for you. it was really cool talkin to you this year. i hope to have to goto pawtucket to see you next year. it was just weird how we finished playin you guys before the allstar game.
    but i hope to stay in touch with you somehow this offseason.
    tell arnie and all the guys from portland i said hi

    thanks alex

  5. Ali Nerini

    Hey Alex!
    This might be an odd question, but I was wondering if there is any way that I can get an interview with you this coming week/weekend (Nov. 10th and 11th)? I am a film student at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and I’m currently doing a documentary about the Fall League for a class. When I’m not in school I live in the Phoenix area and attend Fall League games as much as I can, especially Scorpion games. If you can, let me know if this interview is a possibility and if you need more information, you can e-mail me at aln45@nau.edu
    Thanks and good luck on the rest of the season!

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