Second Half Success

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Perhaps it’s because we are 165 games into the season (longer than any stretch i’ve ever played) and it’s all we can do to focus on what’s going on between the lines. Perhaps it’s because I’m not throwing as well as I would have liked thus far, and motivation to write has eluded me. Or perhaps it’s because with our free time Ashley and I have been catching up on our favorite TV shows each night (already caught up on The Office, now working on Bones). Whatever the reason, i’m back and It feels good.

I’m 6 outings into the Fall League with an astronomical ERA. The Javelinas are floating around .500 and we’ve got just about half the season left. Not to toot my own horn, but i’m a notoriously good finisher. Each of my last 4 professional seasons I have finished much better than I started. It might be that my starts were so bad that I could only go up from there…but whatever the reason, now is the time to finish strong once again. If you read some of my old blog posts, you know that I talk to myself. I talk myself into things, out of things, and through some of the tougher things. Halfway through each of the last few seasons I’ve had a “look myself in the mirror” pep talk. In each of those, I look in the mirror and tell myself that no one will pitch better than me for the rest of the season. It has worked in the past…why not do it again right now?

It’s only three weeks before I go home for three months. The time is winding down out here in the desert and I have already learned a ton about myself and my development. But there’s more that I want from the AFL. I want to leave with the taste of satisfaction in my mouth. The taste of success that can be carried into next championship season.

Well, I gotta run guys. There’s a mirror calling my name and it’s not gonna give itself a pep talk!


Collin McHugh, Pitcher, New York Mets

One comment

  1. Walter

    Best of luck Collin. Thank you for taking the time to write. I make an annual journey to AFL each year and anticipate going next week. Your notes help with the anticipation of such an amazing baseball enviroment.

    2 Questions…How is the crowds this year?
    Why wouldn’t you look in the mirror earlier in a season and have the same talk?

    Thanks again…

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