Home Opener

Hey everyone,

I’m pretty sure when teams decided to have their spring training complex in Arizona, part of the reason was to take advantage of the extremely dry weather, where few games would be postponed or cancelled due to rain. In fact, my manager Arnie Beyeler told me that he had zero rain outs in all the years he came to spring training in Arizona…Well, our home opener was just cancelled due to the rain. Talk about some situational irony to start off the season for the Scottsdale Scorpions…oh well. I was looking forward to getting the season started, but the good news is we play tomorrow at 12:30, so I don’t have to wait too long to get another shot. We did get to take pre-game batting practice and infield outfield, and it was cool to see how many people were taking video and pictures of us while we were working out. Maybe that stuff just comes with the territory of playing in the AFl, or maybe it was just because it was the first game of the season. Whatever the reason, it definitely gave batting practice a different aura then I am used to, but I really enjoyed it. Well, I just found it pretty funny that our home opener was rained out in the desert and decided it was blog worthy. I promise at some point I will check back in with some actual baseball game related news.

–Alex Hassan


  1. Steve

    Alex, huge sox fans. Good to see a local product making his way up the ranks. I know you are an educated kid so please take it easy with the number of prodigious words you use over the next few weeks, I don’t want to have to have a dictionary handy just to read your blog. Few questions for you…What is your favorite baseball memory from growing up? What are your top three favorite movies? What is your favorite hobby when on the road and during the offseason?

  2. Walter

    Thanks Alex for taking the time to write. I have been to the AFL for many years. Some great history and players. Enjoy the moment.

  3. Gaty batboy

    hey alex its the batboy from new britain.
    nice job this year and it was really nice to meet u.
    i hope all goes well in the AFL and the rest of your offseason.

    thanks for everythin

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