Sunday Funday

Today is what I like to call “Sunday Funday, No Run Day.”  I choose Sunday as my day to watch football, eat food, and relax on my couch with Ralph. I also use this day as my day off from running and working out. My girlfriend Anna and I try to take frequent jogs around our neighborhood in Arizona to stay in shape when I am not working out at the field. Sundays hold a strict “no running” policy.

Today was the first off day of the AFL. Once the games start, Sundays will become the only day each week where I will not have to be at the field for a game or practice. This is actually really nice, considering I normally only get 1 or 2 off days a month during the entire regular minor league season.

I have been a little upset today because my fantasy football team did terrible. We had a few people over to BBQ, so that helped take my mind off of it. My AFL teammate, and fellow Cincinnati Red, Travis Webb and his wife hung out for a while. He and I both talked about how ready we are for the games to start. There is only one more day of practice until the fun begins.

Well, I am off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday. I will check back in on Tuesday after our first game. Thanks for the support!

~Brad Boxberger #35


  1. Georgeous George

    Really enjoy hearing about baseball life in Arizona from a players perspective. Can’t wait for the update on Tuesday!

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